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Staycation Guide

Walking Tour

Banksy is a world-famous artist whose work has been sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Born and raised in Bristol some of his earliest work is hidden around the city, making a walking tour of Bristol a Mollie’s must!

Staycation Guide


Berkeley Castle is a beautiful and historic Castle, begun in 1117 and still remains the home of the Berkeley family.

It is a great day-out for all the family, hosting special events on bank holidays and during school holidays

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Brunel’s SS
Great Britain

Step aboard the world’s first great ocean liner, dating back to 1843.

Tour the ship, climb the rigging, head deep into the Dry Dock and meet Victorian passengers and explore two additional museums in the historic dockyard

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For centuries, Bristol’s greatest asset has been the docks and floating harbour around which it is built.

The days of huge galleons mooring up in the docks have long gone, but the floating harbour and waterways remain and today provide a unique waterside setting for a very modern city. For visitors and locals alike, the museums, restaurants, bars, galleries and cafes that fringe the Harbourside area of the city are one of the city’s greatest attractions.

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Sweeping away the discount stores and carpet shops that previously occupied the site, Cabot Circus brought decent shopping, restaurants, designer stores and a cinema fit for the 21st century to the middle of town.

Unusually for a city-centre shopping centre, it’s all very tastefully done, the open design and inclined levels making the whole thing feel more like a bundle of streets rather than a hermetically sealed retail space.

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We The

This place is built on educating and entertaining children of all ages (and adults, if you have a sense of fun).

They try to please everyone here, with specific days for under-fives – reduced ticket prices for parents – and whole sections aimed at under-eights. They also hold adults-only evenings, too, where you can wander through the exhibits, beer in hand.

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Dating back more than 180 years, Bristol Zoo is the oldest provincial zoo in the UK. These days, what it lacks in space and size, it more than makes up for in attractions and animals.

There may not be any elephants or giraffes, but more than 400 species do reside here.

Staycation Guide

Clifton Suspension

Clifton Suspension Bridge is an internationally recognised symbol of the city and source of great pride to anyone who calls Bristol home.

Opened in 1864, the bridge was completed as a tribute to its designer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who died before it could be finished. You’ll now find a visitors’ centre on the Somerset side in Leigh Woods, and perched up on the hill on the Bristol side you’ll find the Clifton Observatory.

Staycation Guide

Bristol Museum
& Art Gallery

Part of Bristol Museums, an association of six fine museums in the city, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery has three floors filled with Egyptian mummies, wildlife, dinosaurs, gemstones, glass, pottery, oriental arts, and a collection of Old Masters.

If you’re in town for a few days this museum is well worth a visit.

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